Announcement on the 2020 Talent Program Discipline Forum -

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Announcement on the 2020 Talent Program Discipline Forum

 In order to comprehensively evaluate the student training effect of the Talent Program, test the effectiveness of the implementation units, and build a platform for outstanding student demonstrations and exchanges, the National Program Office of Talent Program will host the 2020 Talent Program Discipline Forum from November to December. Please organize the forum well jobs. The  most relevant matters are given as follows:

I. Time and Place

(1) Biology Forum

Time: December 14th to February 17th

Location: University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

Contact: Mao Yujia 010-68515657

(2) Forum on Chemistry

Time: January 22nd to February 24th

Location: University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

Contact: Wang Mutianyu 010-68515427

(3) physics forum

Time: January 29-February 2

Place: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Contact: Wang Wei 010-68515657

(4) Computer Science Forum

Time: December 30th to January 3rd

Place: Pengcheng Lab

Contact: Wang Cuiyu 010-68515427

(5) Mathematics Forum

Time: December 6-January 8
Location: Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University

Contact: Wang Chaoyang 010-68515427


(1) the director, deputy director and members of the Talent Program Disciplinary Working Committee;

(2) The students selected in the forum (the list will be notified later);

(3) Student leaders (1 person from each province, who can be the relevant responsible comrades, college teachers or middle school teachers of the provincial management office)

(4) Representatives of the National Management Office.

Third, the activity content

(1) Results display. Students demonstrate the gains, experiences, and learning outcomes of participating in the Talent Program over the past year.

(2) Testing of subject basic knowledge. Through on-site written examinations, students' mastery of the basic knowledge of the subject is investigated.

(Three) expert comments. The Disciplinary Working Committee evaluates the students through questions such as exhibition questions and PPT defenses and evaluates the outstanding students of the year and candidate students participating in international exchange activities.

(4) Exchange activities. Experience sharing of international youth technology competitions and exchange activities.

Relevant requirements

(A) Student confirmation. After the National Management Office announced the list of students selected for the 2019 Talents Program Discipline Forum, the selected students entered the Talents Program official website (website: in accordance with the relevant requirements, and clicked on the "Subject Forum 2019 Registration" at the top of the homepage Login personal account, update personal basic information, confirm whether to participate in the subject forum, participate in the selection of international exchange activities, and upload the "Guardian Statement", "Student Statement". Students are limited to participating in the subject forum.

(2) Recommended by the team leader. Provincial management offices log in to the Elite Program Network Management Platform to fill in the basic information of the team leader (recommended 1 for each forum).

(3) Students must dress up to attend the exhibition and review, bring proof materials and laptops that can reflect the cultivation process and results, and prepare a PPT (except biology) within 8 minutes. Students who are confirmed to participate in international exchange activities must provide a project search report, reply in English throughout the process, and accept expert inquiries. Biology and computer students need to prepare the following materials to bring to the scene:

Bio: 1-2 posters, 90 cm wide and 120 cm high;

Computer: Roll up, 80 cm wide and 200 cm high.

Find local job

(4) During the forum, the board and lodging will be arranged by the organizer, round-trip transportation costs will be borne by themselves, and no pick-up station will be arranged for the event. Provincial leaders are required to organize students to report and evacuate uniformly, and to do a good job of safe work on the way to and from students and during activities.

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