Healthcare jobs and occupations 2020 -

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Healthcare jobs and occupations 2020

Learn about the healthcare industry and the different types of healthcare jobs. Learn the different career paths you can take in the healthcare field. Learn what training you need and where to start your job search. Woman talking to her doctor-healthcare jobs.

Healthcare is a $ 1 billion industry with millions of employees. There is a great demand for trained health care workers. Immigrants and refugees have great opportunities to find healthcare jobs in hospitals, as these large workplaces tend to Serve different populations. Hospitals often look for multilingual people, so your language skills will be a help.

Popular cities in healthcare jobs which healthcare jobs?

Healthcare jobs can be well paid and fulfilled. With the right training, you can find a stable job with many opportunities to advance in your career. There are many different types of healthcare jobs. Here are some of them:

Nursing Assistants-Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are people who help registered or licensed nurses obtain vital signs, organize medical equipment, manage sponge baths, and more. In order to get certified, you will need to complete training to get certified Each state has its own rules, but it is usually about 75 classroom instruction and clinical training. After training and passing the exam, you will get a job certification.

Phlebotomist — A hand botulinum scientist draws blood, donates blood, tests, and studies. They must understand how the blood mapping device works. They do n’t have to spend a long time at school to get the certification. Phlebotomy training 4 to 8 Months.

Home Health Assistant-A Home Health Assistant is responsible for helping people with disabilities, the elderly, or sick patients with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and housekeeping services. The home assistant can travel between several patients or work full time with the patient Live together. To become a Certified Home Health Assistant, you must complete 75 training hours, demonstrate your skills, and pass an exam.

Dental Assistant — The dental assistant performs administrative duties and basic patient care in the dental clinic. For example, the dental assistant can prepare a patient for oral cleaning, or he may be responsible for filling and organizing patient records for the office. Training can be completed from September to two years, depending on whether it is a certificate, diploma or degree. Find out how to become a registered dental assistant.

Massage Therapist-A masseur is a person who uses touch to manipulate muscles in the body. This can relieve tension, stress, and pain, and relax patients. You need a license to be a masseur. The minimum legal time to obtain a license for massage therapy Depending on the state, these minimums range from 330 to 1,000 hours.

Doctor-Doctor means doctor. Doctor diagnoses and treats patients. Many of them work in hospitals, but they may also operate their own practices. Doctors can work in many specialties, including pediatrics, home care, oncology, and intensive care To become a doctor, students must complete three to eight years of residency training.

Health Information Technician-Health Information Technician (beat) Keep medical records safe, accurate, and up-to-date. Almost all of these records are kept on computers. Most people who work in health information technology hold health information technology or related fields Associate degree. Find out how to become a health information technician.

Pharmacy Technician-Pharmacy Technician Helps Pharmacist Help Patient. They must know the name and use of the drug. The pharmacy technician knows how to dispense and determine the correct dosage, but they do not prescribe or decide on the drug. The pharmacy technician needs certificate Certificates and associate degree programs can take one to two years to complete.

Registered Nurse (Rn) — Registered nurses take care of patients in hospitals and clinics. You can become an RN by earning an associate degree, a bachelor's degree or a diploma obtained through a hospital course. Then you must take and pass a national board licensing exam. The school offers an online nursing degree.

Radiographer — Radiographers use imaging techniques for examinations such as x-rays and ct scans. They work with radiologists, but they are not trained to diagnose the results of imaging exams they perform. Become an associate degree in radiology technicians It may take two years.
Is healthcare the right job for me??

As you can see, training for many healthcare jobs can take a long time. Although healthcare jobs are beneficial and often highly paid, healthcare professionals often deal with a lot of stress, time commitment, and responsibility. It is important to consider these things if you want to make health care for your long-term career. You can also read 6 Things to consider before choosing a health career or take a student and adult health career test.

If your career requires you to get a bachelor's degree or a bachelor's degree, you should consider whether you are willing to invest a lot of time and money in your education. There are many opportunities for you to progress in your health career. You may consider getting short-term certification now, He will be promoted to the next level in his future career. For example, you can start as a CNA and work your way to becoming an RN.

Where do I start?

If you are not sure what profession is most interesting to you, think about the healthcare industry areas that will grow in the future. For example, technology and elderly care are growing. No matter what field you choose, you may need training, certification, or Two.

If you understand the healthcare industry you are interested in, check out job requirements for that occupation. Depending on the requirements, you can attend a community college or technical school, go to a four-year college, or study online.

If you haven't received your high school diploma, that should be your first step. Our free GED® preparation process will help you get your high school certificate.
Community colleges and technical schools offer two-year degrees and training for various healthcare occupations. You can find community colleges near you.

Task Force is a government program that provides free education and vocational training for young men and women 16 to 24. Task Force training includes healthcare work such as CNA, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, medical administrative assistant, health department coordinator, and license / Professional nurse.

You can read how to apply for college.
What if I already qualify in another country?
If you have a healthcare qualification or degree, go global to help work-authorized immigrants, refugees, asylums, and special immigrant visa holders (structured investment vehicles) to restart their careers in the United States.

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  • Start job search

Here are some ways to start looking for work:

Use your local employment center: Each city's government employment center is free. They provide advice and keep a list of local jobs. They help with resumes and job applications. They can connect you to health care job training and education. Find your nearest employment center.
Check online: Healthy Occupation is one of several websites that lists online healthcare jobs.
Check the website of the medical institution: Check the website of your community where you want to work online.

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