Many techniques as interviewing for job you should follow -

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Many techniques as interviewing for job you should follow

Everyone has a curiosity to know what happens in the interview room. In today's article, I will tell you the interview process of private and multinational companies.

Written Test:

When applying for a vacancy of 5 to 5 or more, many companies conduct written tests for merit verification. There will be some questions related to the job you have applied for in the written tests. Then there will be some common sense questions, some translations. There will be some questions for the present intelligence test. The type of question and number distribution of a single company is the same.

Oral Test:

Those who passed the written test were called in for the oral examination. Verbal tests can be done in various ways. Suppose 1 out of 5 people were asked to interview. Let's see what can happen here:

1. The five may be divided into two groups. They were asked to argue on one of the issues. Controversies can be many. Specifically, sales, customer care, supply chains, and even manufacturing departments are arguing for employment. The question may be, why this conflict? In fact, this argument is validated, how much you can actually focus on a certain topic and how logical you are. It is seen whether you can take constructive criticism.

2. At any event, you may have to attend a lecture. For example, Metrorail, flyover, book fair, favorite movie, favorite leader, etc. Here you are judged by how easily you can present what you are given. In many cases, the other contenders do the work of numbering.

3. You may be asked to translate a particular piece of paper into Bengali. It may later be said to type it in Bengali and English. Both of your translation skills and type speed became known through this test. Good companies not only test the typing speed or translation efficiency for good posts, but they are also often asked to solve small problems in Excel too.

4. It is quite common nowadays to make a half-hour presentation. Is given a specific subject. Sometimes you have to make a presentation in a group, sometimes or individually. Judging by how much you can do on the team, how much lead you can take. And finally, your presentation skill is verified. From here, the recruiter can check if you can work on PowerPoint. So those who cheat in the lab, copy the assignment to another, be careful. One day you will be caught.

5. Existing intelligence is verified in almost all multinational companies. You will be asked in the forest, what will you take with you? The answer is to think in these cases. You might have said that you would take a flashlight in the forest. So what to eat? What to do when the battery runs out or not? You said you would take a book. So how to defend yourself? This type of question is verified by your foresight. The knife may be the correct answer. There will be self-defense, food can be eaten. Fire can be another good answer. Many times the puzzle is given to verify the intelligence present.

6. In many cases are given. A specific condition is called. Then some questions are given. They have to be answered.

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7. The Personality Test has become very common now. How are you as a man Whether self-centered or mixed, whether you make decisions with emotion or emotionally, how you gather information, how you mix with people, there are tests to find out. These are called psychometric tests. You will be given some statements or lines. You might have to say yes or no. Very straightforward this test. You never get terrified of when you were tested as a human being. This test will show you how you, as a salesperson, how you work as a team, as a salesperson. Such experiments are the result of many types of research. So even if you want, there is no chance of ignoring the result.

8. The test of values, the test of how you distinguish between good and evil will be. In different situations, you will be asked what you decide. If you answer, your values ​​will come out.

9. Your previous job records and job type may be checked. In this case, the question is asked or the document is tested. Payslips, exemption letters, financial settlement may be checked. Do not give the main copy of the certificate to anyone. It is illegal under the labor laws of Bangladesh.

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In the corporate world, it is important to keep certain things in mind when it comes to employment.

10. Your reference may be checked. So, those who have references in the CV, let them know that they give you the truth about you. Do not keep references to relatives. Have references to bosses or colleges at your teachers and workplaces.

This is how you get verified step by step. It takes a whole day to do these tasks. If you can pass these steps then you will face the interview board.

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