No Ph.D. 4 annual salary of 100,000 or more for medical work -

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No Ph.D. 4 annual salary of 100,000 or more for medical work

If you want to get a high-paying job in the fast-growing medical field, but don't want to take a student loan to medical school, the latest employment forecast from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are many good alternatives to doctors in the medical field.

The Bureau of Statistics looks to the labor market from 2018 to 2028, stating that the health care sector will continue to grow due to the increasing demand for the elderly population and the treatment of patients with chronic diseases. Of the 30 fast-growing jobs from 2018-2028, 18 are in the medical field. The health care support industry is expected to grow by 18.2% in 2028, and the number of jobs for health care professionals will increase by 12%.

The following four types of medical work do not require a doctorate in medicine but still have a six-digit median annual salary. know more jobs in medical click here

1. Physician Assistant: The median annual salary in 2018 was 108,610 yuan, a growth rate of 11.5%.

2. Anesthesiologist. The annual salary is 169,950 yuan, a growth rate of 17%.

3. Nurse midwife: The annual salary is 103,770 yuan, a growth rate of 15.7%.

4. Nursing staff: The annual salary is 10,070,300 yuan, a growth rate of 28.2%.

All four jobs require a master's degree, and a master's degree is certainly not cheap. It is estimated that an average of 149,000 yuan is provided by nurses carrying student loans. However, data from the American College of Medical Colleges show that three-quarters of future doctors will bear debt when they graduate from medical school, with a median amount of 200,000 yuan.

On the other hand, according to the two-year forecast of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the renewable energy and computer industries are also two other fast-growing areas. Solar panel installers and wind turbine service technicians are also two industries with the rapid growth of human resources in 2018-2028, respectively 63.3% and 56.9%.

The median annual salary of solar panel installers in 2018 was 42680 yuan; the annual salary of turbine technicians was 54370 yuan. Neither occupation requires a college degree, but due to the relatively small size of the industry at present, only 9,900 jobs are expected in the next ten years. Computer and information technology manager jobs will also grow by 11% over the next decade. The median annual salary in 2018 is $ 142,530, and a college diploma is required.

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