Notice of open recruitment of nursing staff for 2019-2020 -

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Notice of open recruitment of nursing staff for 2019-2020

The Punan Hospital in Pudong New Area, Shanghai is a public second-class first-class general hospital. The hospital is located along the Huangpu River, close to the Expo Pavilion area. The hospital currently has four campuses: the East Hospital, the South Hospital, the West Hospital, and the tile debris science and education base. The total area is 29,000 square meters and the building area is 83,000 square meters.

The hospital has been rated as the Shanghai Civilized Unit for three consecutive years and the city has been rated as the Shanghai Civilized Unit for the sixth consecutive year. The hospital has 28 clinical departments and 8 medical technology departments and currently has 700 beds. There are about one million emergency outpatients, more than 20,000 inpatients, and more than 9,000 surgeries. Four foreign medical staff studying and working in the hospital.

The hospital has more than ten key and characteristic departments, of which neurosurgery is the key medical specialty of Shanghai and the leading discipline of the hospital. The neurosurgery is a multidisciplinary team led by neurology, emergency, rehabilitation, radiology, anesthesia, and ultrasound. It is a key discipline group in Pudong New Area; the hospital's urology and stomatology are key specialties in Pudong New Area. Pediatrics is the Shanghai Children's Medicine Division of the center. The hospital is the designated hospital of more than 40 international and domestic medical insurance companies.

The hospital's International Medical Department has provided high-quality medical services for people at home and abroad in 179 countries and regions. Each year, there are nearly 9,000 foreign-related outpatient and emergency patients and inpatients. Every year, nearly 30 foreigners are returned to China safely under the escort of the medical staff of the International Medical Department. With the implementation of the post-Expo development plan, the hospital will provide better medical services to patients from all over the world.

The hospital environment is beautiful and clean, equipped with 320 rows of CT, 3.0T MRI, DSA, and other advanced equipment. It has carried out dozens of advanced technology projects in the city and even in China, becoming one of the medical centers in the Pudong area along the river. Recruiting nursing staff for social needs due to business development: 40


  •  New college graduates in 2019, a nursing major
  •  Full-time college degree or above, bachelor degree or above is preferred, proficiency in foreign language communication is preferred
  •  Love and dedication, good character, willingness to dedicate, a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit

Recruitment methods:

1. Registration
          (1) Log in to the official website of the hospital
          (2) Submit your resume to the personnel department of the hospital, Room 416, East Hospital,            Punan Hospital, 219 Linyi Road
        (3) Send an email to the nursing department email
         Registration time: From now until 11:30 on February 15, 2020

2. Qualification review

The personnel department conducts screening and qualification review based on the resumes received, and selects merit to notify the interview and related examinations

3.Written exams and interviews

Through the resume screening, select the best candidates to determine the list of interviews, written tests, and operational tests. The content of the written test is mainly the basic theory and professional knowledge of related positions. The interview content mainly tests the professional knowledge and comprehensive quality of the post.

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contact details

Address: Nursing Department, Room 404, East Hospital, Punan Hospital, 219 Linyi Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Postal Code: 200125

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