Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Huangpu District Development League Members in 2020 -

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Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Huangpu District Development League Members in 2020

District secondary schools, secondary vocational league organizations:
According to the work deployment of the “Training Notice of the Provincial Development League Members in 2020” (Tuan Yue Ban Fa [2020] No. 1), the mission of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China is as follows:

First, strictly control the quality of development

Develop team members in strict accordance with the standards stipulated in the group chat. The process of training and inspection should focus on whether the development target has firm ideals and convictions, good moral conduct, whether it plays an exemplary role in learning, whether to register as a volunteer and participate in volunteer services.

Play an exemplary role. Strengthen the pre-mission education, implement the teaching requirements of middle school league schools, and ensure that enthusiasts before joining the group must accept no less than 20 hours of group lessons; they must adhere to the ideals and beliefs of students as the primary criterion, and focus on the students' Combining motivation, comprehensive quality, consistent performance, self-evaluation, and mutual evaluation to prevent academic performance from being the sole criterion for the development of team members.

Ensure that development quotas are in place

It is necessary to strictly implement the "one person, one number" system for members of the development team, ensure that the development quotas are assigned to specific development targets one by one, and ensure that the development quotas are fully utilized.

3. Strict admission procedures

The district-based middle school league organizations shall strengthen the training on the work norms for the development of the league branch secretary and ensure that they are in strict accordance with the League Constitution and the “Rules of the Communist Youth League Development League” (Zhongfabanfa [2016] No. 11), Regulations for the Development of Youth League Members in Guangdong Province (for Trial Implementation) (Tuan Yue Ban Fa [2018] No. 27) and other relevant regulations. The group members must have no less than 12 hours of theoretical study in group education, social practice and voluntary service. 8 credit hours and registered as a volunteer. Implement the strict and comprehensive management of the regiment to train all members of the development regiment, and strictly implement strict procedures and complete procedures.

Work requirements

The district junior high school league organizations need to submit the "XX School 2020 Annual Development League Member Plan" (Annex 1) and "XX Schools Developed in the First and Second Half of 2020" before 17:00 on February 21, 2020 (Friday) A scanned and editable electronic version of the Member Information Form (Annex 2) is sent to the mailbox of the Youth League Committee of Education Bureau (

Please be sure to verify carefully whether the student is over 14 years old; whether he has joined the group; whether the group education has been completed; whether there are any violations; the issued number cannot be returned.

Attachment 1. XX School Development Team Member Plan for 2020

Attachment 2.XX School Information Sheet for the First and Second Half of 2020 (There are 2 attached tables)

Committee of the Communist Youth League Guangzhou Huangpu District Education Bureau
January 8, 2020
(Contact: Wang Zimei, Tel: 82116356)

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