Working at Qatar Airport-My Ice breaking Trip -

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Working at Qatar Airport-My Ice breaking Trip

Schoolmates and sisters, I am very happy to share with you some of my work and life experience at Qatar Airport!

  During my junior year, I learned that the school has an overseas employment project-Qatar Airport Duty Free Shop! But to be honest, when I just heard that the school talked about working abroad, I didn't even know that a country like Qatar exists, and I was full of questions about working there!

   However, after listening to the detailed lecture given by the teacher of the international labor service company Chengdu International Co., which cooperated with the school, I decided to sign up. The reason is simple: because the Qatar Airport Duty-Free Shop belongs to the well-known five-star airline Qatar Airways,.

so all Qatar The airport staff are all Air Canada employees and can enjoy the corresponding ticket benefits of the airline's employees: 1 free return ticket per year + 2 10% off Air Canada tickets to anywhere in the world + unlimited 50% off Air Canada tickets to anywhere in the world, plus 30 days of paid vacation every year, means that you can use these tickets and holidays to check-in globally. Such benefits are undoubtedly a huge temptation for my travel enthusiast!

  Qatar Airport, one of the three major airports in the Middle East

  So I resolutely participated in the interview and recruitment of the Car Air Airport Duty-Free Shop. I was lucky enough to apply and came to work at the Car Air Airport Duty-Free Shop. Qatar Airport Duty-Free Shop specializes in selling various world-famous branded cosmetics, perfumes, high-end tobacco and alcohol, food, brand-name jewelry, brand-name bags and other goods to passengers from all countries in the world who are connecting at Qatar Airport. jobs! Because all the goods at the airport duty-free shop are duty-free, and the price is much cheaper than outside, many passengers will shop here, especially our Chinese passengers. The purchasing power has always been among the best. I think this is why we are hiring us The reason for Chinese employees! know more news

  My foreign colleague at Career Airport Duty-Free Shop

  Unconsciously, I have been working in Qatar Airport Duty-Free for two years, so I have the most say about working at Qatar Airport now! In order to help students understand the work of this airline, I have summarized the following questions and answered them in detail. I believe that these students who are interested in working at the airport will be very important. Help. Because these questions are also the questions that I want to know the most before I came to work for CAR!

   1. Qatar is a Middle Eastern country. Is it safe to work and live there?

   A: I had the same question about this before I went abroad, but when I actually came to work in Qatar, I found that I was completely worried! After two years of working and living experience in Qatar, I can tell you very responsible: Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world! Because it is a Muslim country, the local laws and regulations are strict, the crime rate is very low, and the locals also particularly respect women!

  Middle East Pearl-Qatar

  2. How does Qatar Airport Duty-Free compare to Dubai Airport Duty-Free?

  A: Because both the Kahang Airport Duty-Free Shop and Dubai Airport Duty-Free Shop are well-known airport duty-free shops in the Middle East, we often compare the employee benefits and treatment of these two airport duty-free shops! I also have classmates working at Dubai Airport, but I prefer our KAL Airport Duty Free!

  The basic monthly salary of the employees of our card duty-free shop at Qatar Airport is 3080 Qatari riyals (equivalent to about RMB 5,800). In addition, according to personal sales performance, there is also a personal sales commission each month. Therefore, many of our employees actually earn monthly The comprehensive income is in the range of 7000-8000 RMB, and the high income can reach over 10,000 RMB!

  And our benefits are super good: 1. Free Air Canada staff dormitory (and Dubai Airport does not provide dormitory free of charge, the accommodation costs are deducted from the salary, so although Dubai Airport job base salary looks higher, but in fact After the cost of accommodation and other expenses, the basic salary is the same as the basic salary of the airline working at Carnival Airport. Each year's various free tickets + 1% off tickets + unlimited 50% off tickets and other benefits are unique to Carnival Airport! (There is no such benefit for working at Dubai Airport)

  The airfare benefits provided by this Air Cargo airport work are my greatest satisfaction. I use my vacation (30 days) every year to use these welfare airfare to travel to 3 to 5 countries around the world. It feels great!

(Remarks: Since we are a member of CAR Airways, which is equivalent to the guarantee provided by CAR Airline, it is convenient for us as single women to apply for travel permits to countries around the world, especially in Europe and the United States).

  I use card airline discount tickets for global travel and vacation

  3. Qatar is a Muslim country. Wouldn't it be difficult for us without a religion to live here?

  A: First of all, Qatar is relatively open in the entire Arab world and is very tolerant of non-Muslim culture. Secondly, the local Muslim population only accounts for about 15% of the country. The rest are foreign non-Muslims. There will be different ethnic and cultural integrations; except for some restrictions on alcohol + pork, everything is normal and there are no restrictions; and now more and more Chinese employees come to work in Qatar, so you will often see it in Qatar The sound and shadow of the Chinese are very clear!

  4. How are we in terms of food and accommodation in Qatar?

  A: Qatar's diet is relatively diverse, and there are many restaurants to choose from: Western, Indian, Filipino, Turkish, and Thai. Chinese food, Korean barbecue, Japanese cuisine and more. On rest days, we will also be in the dormitory. Chinese colleagues will cook together.

  Our Kahang Airport staff are staying in the Kahang free dormitory: the dormitory is divided into quadruple or six-person rooms (that is, two bedrooms, one living room or three bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and two people in each bedroom. (Fridge, washing machine, stove, TV, bed, sofa, and other supporting facilities are complete, and water and electricity are free within a reasonable range)

  The dormitory is randomly assigned by CarAir before departure (in most cases, Chinese employees live together), and you can also apply for a dormitory change after you move in.

  Free accommodation for our Kahang Airport staff

  5. What can I gain from this job?

  A: 1. As far as my personal experience is concerned, during these two years, I have learned to get along with people of different cultural backgrounds with a more open and inclusive attitude and be able to understand and respect different thinking modes.

  2. Secondly, spoken English is getting better and better, and adaptability is getting stronger.

  3. Broader horizons: So far, I have traveled to more than 10 countries. Due to the broadened horizons, I have also begun to understand life and think about life from different perspectives.

  4. Communication ability is obviously strengthened: Due to the professional needs of sales positions, I have to face many strangers and communicate with them every day. This is a good exercise for me who was originally stingy! With the accumulation of work experience, now I am completely at ease with dealing with strangers.

  I believe that these experiences of Kahang Airport are a good cornerstone for my life!

  To you who are still struggling in college! School brother and sister, come on!

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